Jan 09, 2018 - Nixie MultiMeter, Part 2

I got some help today translating the datasheet for the IN-17 nixie tubes that I plan to use for this project, thanks a good friend and amateur radio operator Maria!

The datasheet is provided as a half-size bit of paper that came with the orignal tubes, it has a large ink stain near one corner, and it’s entirely in Russian.

IN-17 Nixie tube with original datasheet

I can’t speak or read russian, so Maria was kind enough to help me translate the datasheet for my nixie tubes. It was only 2 pages, but it’s pretty dense technical material and after doing a rough translation from scans and photocopies, I took some time to clean up the scans, fix the area under the ink stain and rewrite the text in English.

The final result is available as a PDF download containing the original Russian and partial english translation.