Feb 28, 2014 - Pandaboard Wifi on Ubuntu 13.04

I’ve spent about a week wrestling with the wireless drivers on my pandaboard. Some part of the latest update to either the kernel or the firmware for the wl1271 picked up a bug in the latest update.

After much searching and playing around with kernels and firmware, I found that the most recent build of the 3.2.0 kernel and firmware from Precise had WiFi support that actually worked.

I downloaded the following kernel and firmware debs from

I then installed them by hand with dpkg -i *.deb

Since the 3.2.0 kernel is an older version than what normally ships with Ubuntu Raring, I had to do some convincing to get the Ubuntu tools to installer the earlier kernel. I moved the newer kernels out of /boot and then invoked flash-kernel to install the desired kernel into the boot partition:

cd /boot
sudo mkdir old
sudo mv -i vmlinux-3.5* old/
sudo flash-kernel 3.2.0-1444-omap4

Notes and deviations

Various notes and brain scribblings that may be useful: